A downloadable I'm a Designer for Windows

It's a walk through a professional route. My professional route.Exciting, isn't it ! No ? .... Well, I can't blame you, actually, because ...

It's basically my resume, but as what we call a "walking simulator". There's no gameplay other than, well, walking and it can be "completed" in less than two minutes.

I made that 4 years ago, when I was looking for a job, and I didn't update it since (code and content):

  • Yes, I found a job (but ... )
  • No, it was not thanks to it (but a lot of people liked it a lot on the steam workshop) so I think you can say it was a failure.

It's made with Game Maker Studio (or 8.0, can't remember) in glorious 3D. I'm not a skilled programer nor a talented artist, but everything (excepted some obvious assets, you will see) have been made by myself : 2D art, texture, 3D mesh, animation, music, code.

Keep in mind that because it was created for video game companies and not for the regular "hardcore casual gamer", it's not a very "interesting" game.

Known Issue

Windows only, Sorry :(

DO NOT Alt+Tab the game, the view will become CRAZY and you will lose an eye (worst than VR, trust me)

I'm sure you will try, anyway.

Published Oct 10, 2016
Tags3D, First-Person, resume, Walking simulator
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesEnglish, French
LinksSteam, Homepage, Community

Install instructions

Remember : DO NOT Alt+Tab the game. Scary. Really. Like *plop*.

  1. Unzip the archive on your hard drive.
  2. Double-click the .exe
  3. Alt+Tab, remember ?


im-a-designer-windows.zip 26 MB
Version 1 Sep 14, 2017

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